We are aware of the tremendous risk children and adults who are allergic to nuts can face from even the smallest trace of peanut butter or other nut product.
The consequences are life threatening in many cases and require immediate intervention with medication or even hospitalization.

We want you to be aware of the dangers so we can reduce the chance or possibility of such an occurrence at our school as we do have some children with severe nut allergies attending Kimball School District.
You can help us by observing the following guidelines, which apply whether or not an allergic child is known to be present: 
 Please keep our nut and peanut guidelines in mind when packing your child’s lunch and snacks.  Any foods containing nuts or nut products brought into our school may result in an allergic reaction
of one or more of our students due to the severity of the nut and peanut allergies. This includes peanut butter sandwiches, nuts in salads, candy with nuts, trail mixes or granola bars with nuts, cereal with nuts, etc. 
 If we are all AWARE of the dangers to some of our students, we can hopefully prevent an unfortunate incident in our school.
 We strongly discourage you from bringing in any nut or peanut products to school.